Junk Art


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bmanwelove Loved it

n1k0 Glad you liked it😆

kamare Hey n1ko, I was wondering if you could check my song. It’s also Norwegian so yeah. By the way I’m Norwegian but english was my first. mier!

kamare (Mier means peace in slovak)

n1k0 Haha sure man, I will check it out👍 Norge🙌🏻

n1k0 Im norwegian too :P

tjallex Denmark :P

n1k0 Aye :P

n1k0 Danish be like: Skal du lage indisk mad, må du begyne med kiydere

tjallex “Skal du lave indisk mad, må du begynde med krydderier.” 🤣

tjallex Not far off XD

n1k0 haha, I imagiane you pronounce it like kiydure

tjallex Kr-y-th-år-ri-er 😂

n1k0 I hear «kiyduh» in my heaf when I read that😂

n1k0 head*

tjallex :P

n1k0 👍

tjg 🇬🇧

n1k0 🇳🇴