Bottomless Pit



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n1k0 More of a chill song

n1k0 As usual no commentsπŸ˜‚

n1k0 Every time lol

jesu918 Nice job your music

n1k0 Oh thanks alot!

jesu918 No problem bro

n1k0 yeah making your own beats makes youre music more special

n1k0 The best tip I can give is to be creative

jesu918 I did made one

n1k0 Yeah Ive checked out

jesu918 Ok

n1k0 Did you change any of the beats?

jesu918 Yea

jesu918 I'm trying get new beats

n1k0 This is what I want you to try for your next song: click on the pencil and click on every button and press clear

jesu918 Ok

n1k0 Atleast the blue, yellow and green/light blue ones

jesu918 Ok

jesu918 Yea

nockrock46 Listen to my new songs please!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ§

ashwinikabra 🎡 Listen to my track 'My Cool Song' I made

ashwinikabra Can we also save the track to our phone?

oskrosketosk46 Yes!When you see the song you touch on that ting and you can shre it to notes.Cool song i give you a like.Tip:touch the pencil and go inside the triangles to make tour own melody.πŸ˜πŸ“²πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅

oskrosketosk46 I am nockrock46.😎

n1k0 Yeah use the pencil guys

jesu918 What is pencil

jesu918 Button

jesu918 Bro

n1k0 On top

n1k0 The little thing

jesu918 Oh ok thanks where u from anyway?

n1k0 Theres five icons on top of the screen, and the pencil is the middle one

n1k0 Norway

n1k0 You?

nockrock46 Are you from norway?😱Cool!πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄Heftig🀘🏻

jesu918 I'm from Merced ca

n1k0 Yeah Im from Noway

n1k0 Wbu guys

jesu918 How far the place

jesu918 U at bro

n1k0 How far?

jesu918 Yes

wild_ladyzz That's good keep it up!

sa5sha Wow that's the best I've ever heard in my life

kevin I am from norvay si ifra hvis dere ogsΓ₯ er detπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜›Nice song

kevin Jerne like mine sanger

n1k0 Gjerne*

n1k0 I listened to like 10 and liked them all

n1k0 Nice trap

n1k0 Thanks for all the awesome comments!

kevin You are in beast mode bokstavlig

n1k0 lol takk

nockrock46 Halla

n1k0 Hei

nockrock46 Se sangene mine

n1k0 smud sanger bro

n1k0 Check out Nockrocks songs guys! Theyre awesome. Nice if you check out mine too.

nockrock46 Takk!😎🎧

n1k0 Np

bayas Super bra

frenchisland πŸ•·πŸ•ΈπŸŽπŸπŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ›‘βšœοΈ

kyew The fact I have a good time

n1k0 Thanks for listens comments and likes!

n1k0 I can't Record any songs is anyone having/have had the same problem? Very annoying cuz I can't make new content

tjallex Yes i Was about to release a new track but i could not. I Think it needs to be fixed. Congrats on 1000 views! :)

n1k0 Thanks alot! xD didnt expect this to get this popular

n1k0 Yeah it needs to get fixed

tjallex I Think its only about 3 tracks that have reached 1000 so far! :)

tjallex Another problem is that whenever i am done with recording the track, my app crashes and doesn't save my surface.

dossl Hei

n1k0 Yo dossl

n1k0 Yeah that happend to me too

n1k0 I was so proud of a surface I spent hours perfecting and woosh it was gone after I tried to Record it

tjallex It happened to me 10 min. Ago

nicole2008 Love it

n1k0 Thanks :D

n1k0 New track out: Apocalypse album trailer

eddyry Yo this beat is mad where can i find your stuff outside of the app, or can i not ?

ladubuglover451 This track = THE BEST!

n1k0 Thanks for the nice comments! ^-^

n1k0 no eddyry I just make apps on this app

n1k0 You can check out my other songs though.

eddyry Damn, i would generally listen to this on soundcloud or apple music !

n1k0 Thanks alot broπŸ˜…

mlillia I could listen to that non stop all day and night

n1k0 Thanks so much for your nice comments guys

katewils101 Wow that's good

streetspirit Nice job. Love it!

n1k0 Thanks

n1k0 Three fresh new songs out including a remix of one of my oldest songs! Please check them out if you like this music or other songs Ive made. Thanks for giving me so much credit in the comments and for the likes and listens and everything guys, youre awesome!

n1k0 Without you I wouldnt make songs, thanks for giving me the motivation to continue too. Dont lose hope when you see all the tracks in featured, you can make better songs with good planning and catching beats! I did lose hope when I first got this 2 months ago. Keep making awesome music everyone

tjallex :)

28lavender This is really good. I just got on this app and it's amazing

n1k0 Thanks alot! Appreciate for listening and giving me a like bro

n1k0 I have many more songs if youre interested would be awesome if you heared a few of those too :D

28lavender Sure thx alot

n1k0 Np thank you too ^^

3rubyrose3 That's sooo good please like my videos n1k0 ❀️

n1k0 You got videos?

n1k0 Rwby is a nice anime though

n1k0 Dont like season 4 but its cool

n1k0 Thanks for the comments btw